Wholesale Nagyker, Welcome to Budapest Largest Business Center
Monori Center

Monori Center,  Budapest is Europe's largest whole sale center, directly from 300 importers.  It's central located in Budapest, Hungary and is and is one of the best places to do business in Europe. 

Best Supply: All products here come directly from major importers, manufacturers from Italy and Asia. Products range from fashions, fashion accessories, casual clothing, formal and casual footware, sport clothing, footware and equipments, home textile, luggage, toys, and various home, kitchen, bathroom products and office supplies. Many famous brands have their central sale offices here. All products here are of superior quelities and avaliable at all prices levels. We can satisfy the need of every retailers and wholesalers,of all sizes and of all segments of the market.

Best Facilities: Monori Center also provides the best facilities.  There are over 500 free parking spaces, including spaces for  container trucks and coaches. Monori Center is surrounded by 120,000 square meter warehouse space, so all purchases can be  delivered instantaneously, Monori Center also provide logistic and  transportation assistance to all customers.