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The wholesale showrooms and supermarkets close during Hungary’s national holidays. The Chinese restaurants open as usual.

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Yes. Monori Center’s wholesale showrooms are open every day from 8 to 17, including Saturdays and Sundays. The only time the wholesalers are closed is during Hungary’s national holidays (we will notify you on our website and social media ahead of the national holidays).

The restaurants and other retail stores are also open every day of the week, but each with its own slightly different hours, so be sure to check before you go.

See above. The wholesalers are closed, but many of the restaurants remain open during the national holidays. Before you go, check with the individual restaurant.

Remember that we are a wholesale-only market. Some of our wholesalers may provide logistics services, but new customers will have to visit the showrooms in person first.

Some wholesalers might have a minimum purchasing requirement for some products.

Each wholesaler may or may not have its own minimum purchasing requirement by product category, so you will need to check with them directly.

The shops will require some basic information, such as your name, address, and tax number, in order to issue an invoice, bill of consignment, or other necessary document.

Sorry, but we don’t have a central database of all products our wholesalers carry. Here, you can find a list of all wholesalers at Monori Center with their contact information. Generally, it will be easier to find a product if you visit the showrooms.

You will have to ask the wholesalers for specific prices. We recommend that you visit Monori Center in person to gather this information.

All salespersons will speak Hungarian. You will also get by with basic English. Some stores also have Romanian and Slovakian speakers. Given that most wholesalers are Chinese and hence not native speakers of any European languages, we strongly recommend face-to-face communication to avoid any misunderstanding.

In general, please be mindful of the fact that most wholesalers are Chinese and don’t speak foreign languages, apart from some Hungarian. For non-Hungarian visitors, our experience is that verbal communication is the most effective. Rather than emailing them, we recommend that you first visit them in person, get to know each other, and then discuss the best way to communicate going forward.

Yes. All parking is free within Monori Center’s premises.

Yes, there is the four-star Milky Way Hotel in the center of Monori Center, offering comfortable accommodation to visitors. The easiest way to book a room is through

Thank you for your interest in Monori Center. 

① Monori Center is a wholesale only market. Please make sure you are a wholesaler. 

② Our market has a development and leasing plan and all the shops (showrooms) are divided into different zones and yards. So we need to know what kinds of products you sell, so to see if there are available shops for you based on our zone plan. 

③ In the Monor Center, shop rents are different according to zones/locations. Generally speaking, the rents are 6-9 Euro per sqm per month (excluding the electricity, water, gas). Also there are common fees (üzemeltetési díj), which are 0.75-1.5 Euro per sqm per month. All the prices above do not include VAT. The deposit is 1-month rent plus 3-month common fees. 

④ So far the occupancy rate of Monori Center has long been nearly 100% since we started in 1992. However, sometimes there might be some empty shops (showrooms) to let, and they come in different sizes in different zones. If you are interested we can show you around when you come. Please call:+36 1 2625332