Monori Center is based in the center of Budapest’s X. district off the crossing of kőbánya alsó vasútállomás and kőbányai út. The main area (shop zone) consists of 4 courtyards and stretches across 4 streets.

Since the 1990s it has been one of the largest wholesale and logistic centers across central and eastern Europe, with over 300 wholesale showrooms and 70,000 m2 of warehouse space, supplying a full range of products (clothing, footwear, leather products, home textile and accessory, fashion accessory, household appliances, electronic accessory, interior decoration materials, etc) directly from China, Vietnam, Turkey and Italy. The market has been popular among retailers and buyers from both Hungary and the neighboring countries.

Hungary has the largest Chinese community in the region. According to the Chinese Embassy’s estimates, there are around 30,000 Chinese living in Hungary, most of them in Budapest. The figure is probably higher currently because of the Hungarian residency bond scheme that took place in 2013-2017.

Since 90% of the shops are operated by Chinese traders, Monori Center is a lively Chinese neighbourhood with all-in-one Chinese-speaking amenities including hotel, school, Chinese churches, accounting and law firms, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese newspapers, karaoke, hairstyle and massage parlours, etc.

18 Chinese restaurants and 2 Asian supermarkets operate here, making us the Chinatown of Budapest. Every year since 2013, from May to August, a Chinese street food market takes place here every night of the week, which is a popular event for the local Chinese community.

We have sponsored 18 free Hungarian courses for Chinese fellows since 2013. We have also been loyal participants in Wizz Air Budapest Félmaraton and Balaton átúszás. Monori Center’s social media (the Chinese version: We Chat) has been the main source of information for local Chinese regarding the city’s weekend/holiday programs and Hungarian culture and tradition, with over 4,000 followers.



Milky way courtyard development


Monori Center Phase I


Monori Center Phase II


Monori Center Phase III

Where local Chinese eat, shop, have fun

Largest Chinese community in the region with 18 authentic Chinese restaurant, 2 Asian food supermarkets, Karaoke, Chinese massage, Asian nail, hair & beauty salon, all in one place.

We are proud to be the Chinese quarter in the heart of Budapest with real and various Chinese food and grocers. We are also the regional wholesale center for clothes, shoes, bags and accesories.

Kínai éttermek

18 Chinese restaurants and Asian pastry shop

Ázsiai szupermarketek

2 Asian supermarkets

Masszázs / fodrászat

Chinese foot & body massage,Hair and beauty salon


Karaoke & party rooms

Chinatown Terasz

Summer time street food festival


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Nyitva tartás

Áruházak Áruházak

H-V 08:00 - 17:00

Éttermek Éttermek

H-V 10:00 - 21:00

Ünnepi nyitva tartás Ünnepi nyitva tartás

The wholesale showrooms and supermarkets close during Hungary’s national holidays. The Chinese restaurants open as usual.