05 Mar

Is it safe to visit Monor Center?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we are doing all we can to make sure that no infections are found among the Hungary-living Chinese (including Chinese shopkeepers, businesspersons and students). All that travel back from China are required to self-isolate and quarantine for at least 14 days. So far no confirmed cases occur in the Chinese market and community.

Important updates: The newly-confirmed cases in China outside of the epicenter Hubei province have been less than 10 people per day in recent days. Hubei’s newly-confirmed cases have decreased to less than 200 per day, and the whole province is locked down with no possibility of infecting other parts of China. The WHO has praised that China’s situation “has reached its peak and is well in control”. Even so, the Hungary-living Chinese will continue to keep vigilant and strictly observe the quarantine rules.

With the alarming situation outside of China, Chinese Embassy has instructed that those Chinese, who recently traveled to Hungary from the seriously infected regions (for example, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan, etc), should self-isolate and quarantine for at least 14 days.

Again we are thankful for the support and love from many Hungarian friends. Fear and racism have proved not helpful at all. Facing the coronavirus, we need to stand together as a entirety of human beings.

Recently we have some more questions coming in. Hereby we’d love to answer them.
At the moment, is it safe to visit Monori Center or other Chinese shops in Hungary?
The Hungary-living Chinese are taking strict measures to protect themselves from getting infected, like wearing masks, not going to public places with crowds, avoiding traveling abroad, self-isolation, etc. All the shops and restaurants in Monori Center are sterilized on a daily basis.
So far no confirmed cases occur in Monori Center and the local Chinese community.

Should I wear masks to get into your shops?
As you may know, people have different opinions about masks. Wearing a mask is not recommended by European authorities, unless you are ill with coughing and sneezing symptoms. We would follow this rule and respect your choice. But for Chinese people, it is very common, or sometimes obligatory to wear masks during epidemic periods, so please don’t panic and be understanding if you find a shopkeeper in Chinese market wearing a mask. That does not necessarily mean that they are infected or ill. It is actually a precaution to protect themselves just in case.

Monori Center Management

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The wholesale showrooms and supermarkets close during Hungary’s national holidays. The Chinese restaurants open as usual.