04 May

Chinatown Terasz FAQ

①Are parking free? 

Yes. All the streets surrounding Chinatown are free-parking zones all year round. You can easily find a parking lot. 


②How to find Chinatown Terasz? (traffic guide)

Budapest’s Chinatown (Monori Center) is located in the heart of Budapest’s 10th district. We are easily accessible via public transport. Nearby are bus and tram stops (9/28/62/95/117/151) as well as Kőbánya alsó vasútállomás railway stations. 


The Terasz is inside a big yard behind the Jegenye utca and has an iconic 72-meter-long “big tent”. There are two main entrances towards the yard, one from Jegenye utca and the other from Mázsa utca. You won’t miss it. 


Do you accept card payment?

Yes we do. All the 10 stalls accept both cash and bank cards. 


④What food do you recommend for this year? What should I try and taste if I am new to the scene?  

Each food stall has their specialties. Our facebook page will guide you through each “must-try” and “most popular” foods and drinks one by one. Please stay tuned and check back regularly. 


⑤Is there a vegetarian menu?

Of course yes. Each food stall has several vegetarian offerings. Also some Chinese dishes can be flexible, with or without meat. Feel free to tell the serving staff about your dietary needs. 

Please stay tuned with this page, as it will guide you through all the vegetarian recommendations in the days ahead. 


⑥Is there a gluten-free menu?

Please be informed that nearly all the traditional and common Chinese seasoning condiments and sauces contain gluten, even though the main ingredients are gluten-free. It is very rare for the chefs in Budapest’s Chinatown to use gluten-free condiments at the moment. So unfortunately, there are no guaranteed gluten-free offerings on this year’s menu. 


⑦Do you accept OTP SZÉP kártya or Erzsébet-utalvány?

Unfortunately no. We accept cash and bank card. 


⑧Can I take dogs along with me? 

Yes. We are a dog-friendly place. Please kindly keep the dog leashed. 


⑨Can I reserve a table at the night market?

As a self-service street food court run by 10 stalls, we cannot deal with table reservation. This year we have increased the tables to 100 pieces in total. Some are round tables which can seat 8 people. Normally if you come before 18.30, you should be able to find available tables. 

If you are a big group that needs to merge tables, we recommend you, or a representative of your group, come earlier so that you have the chance to arrange the tables by yourselves.


⑩Do you open when it is rainy/windy?

Yes. Chinatown Terasz opens every summer evening no matter how terrible the weather is. But if all the orders have been served and there are no new guests coming in, some stands may choose to close earlier than usual, without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding. 


⑪Can I smoke at the Terasz?

Smoking inside the tent is prohibited. Please kindly step outside of the tent for smoking. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  


⑫Is it safe to stay late in your neighborhood? 

Absolutely. When it gets dark, all the streets surrounding Chinatown are brightly illuminated. With 18 Chinese restaurants and Dunapanda supermarkets open till late, car and guest traffic remains active in the evenings. You are definitely not alone. Besides, we have 24-hour security staff patrolling in the neighborhood. 


⑬Exactly what day will Chinatown Terasz close?

We open every night throughout the summer time till late August. But it might be prolonged till September. We will announce the exact date in late August. 


Opening hours

Wholesalers Wholesalers

H-V 08:00 - 17:00 (Closed on Saturdays)

Restaurants Restaurants

H-V 10:00 - 21:00

Opening hours on holiday Opening hours on holiday

The wholesale showrooms and supermarkets close during Hungary’s national holidays. The Chinese restaurants open as usual.